Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alternative power sources- whether to invest in them or not

Alternative power sources existed long before the conventional sources of power like coal, fossil fuels, oil and natural gas were discovered. These sources of energy are being currently used to meet almost ninety percent of the world’s energy demands. Their use, however, causes pollution and degrades the environment. The supply of these sources is also limited and their prices are reaching an all time high. The use of alternative power sources in such a situation is a promising option and the best to invest in. Alternative power sources are renewable which means their supply will never run out and they will always be available for reuse. These sources of power also do not cause pollution. They do not release any toxic substances into the atmosphere. The alternative sources of power do not contribute to global warming. These sources of power can be used cost effectively. Alternative power sources will always be readily available to produce power.

With so many benefits of alternative power sources, they will soon become the only energy sources that will be able to meet the rapidly rising energy requirements. But there are several risks involved in the use of alternative power sources. The first is that alternative power sources are relatively new and they might fail in the end which would mean no return on investments made. Although clean, it may end up harming the environment because alternative power requires the sources available in nature for its generation. Also the alternative power sources have still not proved themselves as the best alternative to fuel.

Therefore, investing in alternative sources of power must be done after proper research.

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