Saturday, April 11, 2009

Geothermal power technology

Geothermal energy is the renewable energy found in the interior of the earth. It is usually in the form of heat. The heat is brought to the surface through the process of thermal conduction by digging deep into the earth’s core where molten magma is found. This geothermal energy can be converted into a useful form called geothermal power. Geothermal power is being used everywhere in the world today. It can be easily generated where good geothermal reservoirs are available.

A dry steam power plant uses hot steam and a little water from geothermal reservoirs. It is the oldest technology that is available for use with geothermal power. In this, steam directly goes through a pipe into a turbine which is connected to a generator which produces electricity.

Flash steam power plants use very hot water from geothermal reservoirs. When water is pumped into the generator, it is released from pressure. A drop in the pressure causes some water to convert into steam. This steam drives a turbine to generate electricity.

A binary cycle power plant uses moderate temperature water from the geothermal reservoirs. This hot water is passed through a heat exchanger to heat a working fluid made of organic compounds in another pipe. The working fluid is converted into steam and this steam rotates a turbine to generate electricity.

Geothermal power
technologies generate massive amounts of electricity. These technologies can be operated with minimum operational and maintenance costs.

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