Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why use alternative power

Alternative power is the power generated by alternative sources of energy like the sun, wind, water, tides, biomass and heat generated inside the earth. The energy obtained from alternative energy sources can be converted to several useful forms of energy like mechanical energy, chemical energy, electrical energy etc. This useful form of energy is called alternative power. The various forms of alternative power are solar power, wind power, bio diesel power, geothermal power and hydro electric power.

Energy requirements of the whole world are on the rise. Energy is required for electricity generation, space heating, transportation, preparing food and for several other purposes. Today, we depend on coal and petroleum to meet the energy demands and for the generation of electricity. However, the use of coal and petroleum is an expensive method of generating electricity. In addition, the reserves of coal and petroleum are decreasing with each passing day. There will come a time when there would not be any coal or petroleum available in the world. We, therefore, need to use alternative power.

The use of alternative power will help to preserve coal and petroleum to meet energy requirements in the future. Also, alternative power is a less expensive way of generating electricity.

Alternative power is a clean and pollution free source of energy which can be put to several uses. The best thing about alternative power is that it is generated from renewable sources of energy which will always be available and never end. Hence, alternative power will always be available for use.

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